Rock Paper Shotgun didn’t forget, and you shouldn’t either: The Forgotten Citya time loop murder mystery from Modern Storyteller, will come PC and Xbox One in late 2019. Dominic Tarason shares some reasons why you should remember this re-imagining of the award-winning mod with more than 2 million downloads across PC and Xbox:

While I’ve never played the original, I plan on taking a look at the original prototype after playing the new version, just for curiosity’s sake. I’m intrigued to see how well the new version handles a Majora’s Mask-esque interwoven web of causes and effects and just how many endings it can lead to – branching narratives aren’t easy. As an aside, it’s been an interesting couple years for modders going pro, with 3D Realms assembling retro dream teams for the Quake-based Wrath and the Duke-inspired Ion Maiden. I’m always happy to see a talented crew of hobbyists go pro, and I’m excited to see how well the reimagining treats the mod.


Read Rock Paper Shotgun’s article on the game. For more information, please explore Modern Storyteller’s official site, visit The Forgotten City’s Steam page or follow Modern Storyteller on Facebook and Twitter.