What do living statues, sinners, and time paradoxes have in common? A lot, actually, as Rock Paper Shotgun’s Katherine Castle discovered at PAX East 2019 during a demo of The Forgotten City, a time loop murder mystery, by Modern Storyteller. Castle spent 30 minutes exploring The Forgotten City before sitting down with developer Nick Pearce to discuss how the game works:

[The Forgotten City’s] central hook of trying to save 26 strangers from certain death in an Ancient Roman city is instantly very compelling – especially when everyone gets turned to gold the moment someone commits even the tiniest sin within the city walls, making this as much a kind of moral decision-making game as a murder mystery.


For more information about The Forgotten City, visit Modern Storyteller’s official website and read Rock Paper Shotgun’s complete coverageThe Forgotten City is coming to Xbox One and PC.