Tokyo Dark – Remembrance – has released on PlayStation 4 and Gematsu’s Sal Romano pieced together all the clues to reveal the definitive edition adds extra content to the anime-style murder mystery, which merges visual novel and adventure features with new animated sequences, a New Game+ and additional story content.

Romano laid out all the facts about Tokyo Dark – Remembrance – slipping onto a new platform:

Deep below the sewers of Tokyo, there is a door. All who enter are lost forever…

The original version of the mystery adventure game Tokyo Dark was released on Steam in September 2017. Its unique story and artwork, a hallmark of developer Cherrymochi’s style, won the hearts of countless fans both within and beyond Japan.

Tokyo Dark: Remembrance completes the mysteries left by the original, bringing a Director’s Cut of this masterpiece to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

As protagonist Detective Ito, you will explore Tokyo searching for your missing partner. Can you bring light to the dark horrors lying beneath this metropolis? Will you lose your mind doing so… or worse?


To learn more, visit the Tokyo Dark – Remembrance – website and its official Facebook page.