The team at Stride PR has spent years acquiring the skill sets to generate media coverage in the game industry. The below are an example of the most commonly requested PR activities we receive and implement.

News Articles

If you have a product or service announcement, release or major update, make sure your target audience is aware. Our media list is one of the most extensive in the industry and we know the right individuals, times and techniques to request media coverage.


After generating awareness for a game or service, we request editors try it and share their thoughts with their audience. Our resumes cite thousands of previews generated from our outreach.


Do you want to raise a company spokesperson’s profile? How about build relationships with editors and their audiences? We set up interviews to achieve these goals.


As you know, many gamers will only purchase a title if the site they trust most positively reviews the game. We get games in the hands of the right editors, so they can decide if it is worth recommending to their audience. We also pay attention to editor preferences, because like all gamers, some reporters prefer one genre over another.

Trade Shows / Fan Events

If you want to maximize your presence at an event like PAX or E3, make sure you are working with a team that has a proven track record of scheduling appointments with the editorial teams of high-traffic sites.

Media Tours

One of the most effective ways to obtain placements is visiting editors in their offices. We have scheduled appointments with your top targets for other developers. Let us take you next.

Social Media

Social media doesn’t have to be just another channel to send your messages. If done right, social media a great way to engage your community and strengthen relationships.

Crisis Management

While no one ever imagines they will need this service, it is important to have a team with experience when it may arise. Our team knows how to quickly handle crisis situations by responding appropriately.

Positioning and Messaging

Last, but certainly not least, is positioning and messaging. Before beginning any PR or marketing program, it is essential to know how you will describe a game, service or company. Differentiation, commonly used terminology and other aspects are key.