TheGamer’s Scott Baird solved puzzles in a mysterious castle in 100 Stones Interactive’s first-person puzzle game The Eyes of Ara in a recent review:

The puzzles in The Eyes of Ara are the highlight of the game and they can span multiple rooms worth of clues and items. The difficulty of the puzzles can vary wildly, with some of them being basic slide puzzles, while others involve matching symbols in order to solve maths equations.

The castle in The Eyes of Ara is beautifully realized, with gorgeous furnishings contrasted by piles of junk and half-finished science experiments. One of the biggest joys of playing The Eyes of Ara is searching the castle for clues, as well as finding items that are hidden around each floor (such as action figures or coins) that can be gathered for the 100% completionists.

The Eyes of Ara is a highly-entertaining game for fans of puzzle games. There are some frustrations regarding the control options for the Nintendo Switch and the game could be clearer in letting the player know how certain items function, but it’s still a great puzzle, especially for its low price tag

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