Eurogamer Spreads the News About Windward Launch Date

Tasharen Entertainment’s nautical sandbox game Windward is coming to Windows, Mac and Linux on May 12, as reported by Eurogamer’s Jeffrey Matulef.  The title places gamers at the helm of a ship sailing the open ocean and offers a wide spectrum of gameplay, from trading and exploring unmapped waters to going rogue as a “plundering pirate.” […]

Polygon’s Colin Campbell Interviews the Developer of Windward

Colin Campbell of Polygon recently talked to Michael Lyashenko, founder, Tasharen Entertainment, about his inspiration for the high seas sandbox game Windward and how the title’s development has evolved over the years. To read the full interview, visit

Destructoid’s Darren Nakamura Gets Lost in the World of Windward at PAX East

Darren Nakamura of Destructoid got the opportunity to preview Tasharen Entertainment’s Windward​ at PAX East.  He says that “time melted away” as he explored the open ocean and completed missions as a seafaring merchant, all the while keeping a close lookout for pirates. To read the full article, visit