As a boutique agency with video game public relations expertise, our services include PR strategy, media relations, content creators, and more.

Media Relations

Reporters, reviewers, and video producers amplify your game’s visibility and set the tone for its public reception. We bridge the gap between your product and consumers by leveraging decades of relationships with the media to share why your game is important, meaningful, and worth their time.

PR Strategy and Counsel

From release date timing and launch considerations to core messaging, a well-considered public relations strategy take advantage of market openings, considers editorial needs, and prepares for every contingency. We strive to maximize sales and strengthen your reputation.

Influencer Outreach

Few things secure Steam Wishlist additions and drive sales quite like the right influencers showing your game to their audiences. We match your creative vision with players who will love it, identify the content creators they trust most, and build a great relationship with those creators

Press Material Development

You’re creating a game. Let us handle the rest. For our clients, we draft press releases, public statements, community blogs, talking points, and award show scripts, edit Steam pages and website copy, and so much more.

Social Media

Find superfans with attractive social content to support your broader marketing goals. We close the loop with a cohesive message across all platforms and support your vision with best practices and advice.

What Our Partners Say



Adam McGowan, Senior Marketing Manager, All in! Games

"Working with Stride PR is an absolute pleasure. As an emerging publisher, we immensely value the support and expertise Robert and his team bring to the table. You can rest assured that your PR needs are covered to the highest industry standards. They are the ideal partner, providing worldwide outreach and exhaustive reporting. Creative, resourceful, proactive and diligent, the Stride PR team always delivers above and beyond expectations."



Jerry Holkins, President, Penny Arcade

"I love working with Robert Brown and his team. Sometimes their press releases are so good I don't have to edit them! I still do, just because of who I am as a person. But they will probably save you a lot of time."