Nintendo Life Says ‘Sign Us Up!’ For Immortal Redneck’s Switch Release Q1 2018

Looks like Nintendo Life is as excited for Immortal Redneck, the Egyptian-themed first-person shooter with roguelike elements from Crema as we are! An FPS set in Egypt with roguelike mechanics? God-like powers? The kind of dark humour that could crack a smile on even the stoniest of face? Sign us up! [Immortal Redneck has been] a hit with […]

Siliconera Shares The Forbidden Arts Blazing Launch to Early Access

Joel Couture of Siliconera recently reported on the upcoming Steam Early Access release of Stingbot Games’ The Forbidden Arts. While describing The Forbidden Arts gameplay, Couture commented on the distinct and varying regions that players will find themselves traversing. When not using abilities to cut or scorch foes, [players will] be double jumping through puzzling environments filled with pits and […]

Gamasutra Turns to Devs for Their Take on the Nintendo Switch Market

The Nintendo Switch has been popular with developers, in particular indie devs who have in many cases seen better sales on the console than on Steam or other platforms. In light of this, Gamasutra turned to developers for their take on the Nintendo Switch market. “It was definitely a good move to port and publish Morphite on the Switch,” says Ben […]

PC Gamer Reports Physicsvania Planetoid Pioneers Launches Feb. 8th

Planetoid Pioneers, the cooperative sci-fi Physicsvania where geriatric astronauts explore the asteroid belt beyond Mars from indie developer Data Realms, launches Feb. 8th on Steam and the Humble Store, priced at $20. With a diverse set of game modes, “radically different challenges,” and a curated user-generated content community in which the best submissions are automatically incorporated […]

Hand of Fate 2, Yonder, and Forts Were All Top New Releases on Steam in 2017

Last year saw the release of a lot of great games, including Defiant Development’s Hand of Fate 2, Prideful Sloth’s Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles, and EarthWork Games’ Forts. All three games were top sellers on Steam in 2017 and we extend our congratulations to the development teams. Hand of Fate 2 is the sequel to the critically-acclaimed action RPG enjoyed by millions […]

Nintendo Life Shares Details on Last Encounter’s Release Window

Dom Reseigh-Lincoln of Nintendo Life recently reported the details of Exordium Games‘ most recent project, Last Encounter. He shared all the gameplay elements that sci-fi lovers are sure to enjoy, like spaceship weapon customization and teaming up with friends to wreak havoc throughout the galaxy. Dom also shared Nintendo Life’s excitement in the upcoming release on Switch. It’s not due out […]

Push Square Asks If You Want to Explore The Station on February 20

Push Square‘s Robert Ramsay reports sci-fi mystery The Station, created by AAA veterans who worked on projects including BioShock Infinite, League of Legends, Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning and others, is coming to PlayStation 4 : Fancy exploring an eerily quiet space station next month? If so, you’re in luck, because The Station promises mystery, intrigue, and clever puzzles on PlayStation […]

PlayStation Universe Reviews Ultimate Chicken Horse, Calls It a “Rare” and “Special” Game

PlayStation Universe got their hands – or rather, their paws and hooves – on Ultimate Chicken Horse, the party platformer by Clever Endeavour Games where friends build the level as they play, and the verdict is in: they’re big fans. Calling it “a special game, and one of those rare indie multiplayer games that catches lightning in […]

IGN’s Nintendo Voice Chat Podcast On 3D Pixel Art Adventure The Deer God

IGN’s Nintendo Voice Chat Podcast talked about The Deer God, the gorgeous 3D pixel art adventure from Blowfish Studios, on episode 387. Host Brian Altano did his best to describe the transcendent journey of spiritual reincarnation. Really gorgeous sort of 8-, 16-bit game starring a deer who — like it’s weird because it’s sort of Metroidvania-y but he […]

Polygon Names The Gardens Between One of Their 50 Most Anticipated Games of 2018

The Gardens Between, the adventure puzzle game from The Voxel Agents in which best friends Arina and Frendt explore a surreal world of mysterious island gardens, is one of Polygon’s 50 most anticipated games of 2018. It’s also one of IGF 2018’s nominees for Excellence in Visual Art. Polygon’s team came together and compiled a list […]