Pocket Gamer’s Dave Aubrey previewed MADFINGER Games most recent addition to the long running Shadowgun series – Shadowgun War Games. The PVP focused gameplay impressed with intense, hero-driven 5v5 battles diverting from the traditionally single-player focused franchise.  Combining familiar and original aspects of fast-paced team multiplayer shooters, Shadowgun War Games looks ready to blow away fans of mobile FPS games.

With the gameplay already being so strong, Aubrey is looking forward to seeing how things change between now and release:

It is still incredibly early days, we are currently looking at a closed beta session with only a single map, but despite that, the game has already left an incredibly strong impression on me.

Overtime this game is guaranteed to get more characters, more guns, more abilities, more maps and game modes, and it is going to be excellent because even with the limited offering in the closed beta, it already feels so strong.



Shadowgun War Games is currently in closed beta, and will be available to all players beginning February 12. To pre-register for the public launch, visit shadowgunwargames.com/preregister/now.