Twinfinite’s Alex Gibson laid out the plans for BitSummit‘s upcoming online event, BitSummit Gaiden. On June 27-28, the annual independent game celebration will exhibit a 75 game showcase, streaming events ranging from thought-provoking talks to music performances, and hot new demos. Gibson elaborates:

Further, thanks to a partnership with Utomik, during the event, attendees will have access to over 1,000 games free of charge between June 26 – July 11 included. Links to the games can be found over on Gaiden’s Discord channel.

Gibson also explained BitSummit Gaiden’s themes:

It also announced a new plan to divide each day into groups represented by different “Heroes,” something which is inspired by Japanese traditions and aimed to foster a greater sense of community during the event. As per the press release, the teams are as follows:

  • BitRobots​ – Led by our original mascot, BitKing, the BitRobots were created by Dr. Yamamu in his secret base underneath Daimonjiyama. Piloted by Milk and his band of misfit game devs, they guard the indie world!
  • BitRiders​ – Salaryman by day, masked BitRider by night, the leader of this team debuted in our second event and recruited allies to join him in the third edition! Now they are a trio of game dev bikers racing through the streets of Neo-Kyoto dishing out vigilante justice!
  • BitRangers​ – The BitRangers’ love for indie games is overshadowed only by their love for Matcha Tea! This foursome made their first appearance during BitSummit Force (4th), and they were instrumental in defeating Nekora during the BitRumble of A 5th of BitSummit. Since then, they have quietly practiced “chanoyu” in anticipation of the day they are needed again.
  • BitSamurai​ – Seven Spirits were transported through time to the modern world during a battle with the same ancient spirit that would eventually become Nekora. Today, these samurai wander the world lending their blades to any who need help.
  • BitKaiju​ – Born in an atomic accident near the Fox Shrines of Kyoto, Nekora has often been at odds with the Rangers, Robots, Riders, and Samurai. Its first appearance during A 5th of BitSummit led to the BitRumble, a huge battle that decimated Miyakomesse! Since its defeat, Nekora has become a friend to all children.


Additional information regarding special guest speakers, influencers, and sponsors will be unveiled in the coming weeks. For more information, please visit the BitSummit website and Discord server or follow BitSummit on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.