Fextralife’s Yuria painted up a prime piece on Afterimage, the hand-drawn 2D metroidvania set in a breathtaking fantasy world from Aurogon Shanghai, which begins a beautifully illustrated journey with 15 painstakingly hand-drawn stages on Steam for Windows PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4 in late 2022.

The game features different regions, challenging enemies, and new gameplay mechanics to discover in each area. There are more than 150 foes that use a variety of weapons and ten character abilities. Renee can equip two primary weapons and one secondary, easily swapping between the two in free-flowing combat encounters for a customise fighting style. Take on deadly creatures, avoid traps and take on bosses while navigating your way through Engardin.


Afterimage offers not only sliding and leaping but also ways to climb your way through complex environments. You can also meet some more friendly characters and learn about their stories as well as piece together information about Engardin’s history. Exploring each map will provide opportunities to find hidden chests, and gain powerful new abilities that increase Renee’s skills, both in and out of combat.

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