Jason Flatt, Senior Editor at But Why Tho? leaves a glowing review of Spiderheck, the non-stop co-op brawler from developer Neverjam Studio and publisher tinyBuild. This frenzied arachnid adventure crawled onto PC and console platforms on Septepmber 22, 2022! 

“SpiderHeck is a fun, chaotic new addition to the action indie lineup. It works as both a single-player and multiplayer experience and is certainly unlike any other games of its type in how it uses the gravity of swinging from spiderwebs and sticking to surfaces for great 360-degree action.”










You can read the full review from But Why Tho? here. For more information on Spiderheck, make sure to follow Neverjam Studio and TinyBuild‘s Twitter accounts and check out #Spiderheck on social media.