Distractify’s Anthony Jones found himself enthralled by the journey through the forests and wastelands of Wartales, a medieval open-world tactical RPG following a mercenary warband from developer and publisher Shiro Unlimited.

The mercenaries and sellswords are extensions of the will upon a medieval world still recovering from a Great Plague that laid waste to its kingdoms a century ago. By leveraging tactical prowess and careful management of the warband, players can find gold and glory amid the many battlefields wreaking havoc across the realms. Scour the lands through snowy mountains and icy fields and unearth the secrets behind The Wrath of the Eye. Recruit companions, unlock new equipment and abilities, and execute deadly strategies to take down barbaric enemies in dynamic turn-based combat.

The main scenario quests expose much of the game’s bleak period: Refugees fleeing from war would later raid farmlands to survive, and holy armies slaughter innocents labeled as heretics for a self-righteous greater good.


The descriptive and thematic narration in Wartales executes its raw implementation of a world ripped from end to end by savagery and illness, throwing players neck-deep into situations to choose sides for their own means.

Read the full review here. Wartales has come out of Early Access, and the full 1.0 release is out now on Steam. For more information about Wartales, please visit the official website and follow Shiro Games on Twitter.

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