IGDA Executive Director Kate Edwards Speaks With Geek.com on Dangers of Deceiving Audiences

Trusting the sincerity of people on the internet is a constant trial. Following a male journalist’s experiment of writing about games under a female pseudonym, Geek.com’s Charles Battersby interviewed IGDA Executive Director Kate Edwards on the instance: “Anytime someone resorts to fraud and conscious manipulation for the purpose of self-amusement, social demonstration or any other […]

Gamasutra Reports IGDA’s Initiative to take on Unpaid Development Crunch Time

The International Game Developers Association (IGDA) announced plans to track unpaid crunch time within the gaming industry through its annual Game Developer Satisfaction Survey. Gamasutra reported on the initiative and spoke with IGDA Executive Director Kate Edwards to learn more about the IGDA’s concerns with the industry practice. To read the full article, please visit: […]

IGDA Executive Director Discusses Diversity in Gaming with VentureBeat

Kate Edwards, executive director, International Game Developers Association, spoke with Dean Takahashi of VentureBeat at GDC to discuss the Developer Satisfaction Survey and the IGDA’s continued efforts to promote diversity in the games industry. To read the full interview, visit http://venturebeat.com/2015/03/07/has-the-game-industry-turned-the-corner-on-women-and-diversity-interview/view-all/

Polygon Reports on the IGDA’s Partnership with Intel

Brian Crecente of Polygon covered Intel’s initiative focused on inclusivity and diversity in the tech and gaming industries.  One of Intel’s partners is our client the International Game Developers Association.  Kate Edwards, executive director, IGDA, said, “the program’s goal is to double the amount of women working in the game industry in the next 10 […]

GamesIndustry International Lists Kate Edwards, Executive Director, IGDA Among Top Six People of the Year in 2014

Kate Edwards, executive director, IGDA was celebrated as one of GamesIndustry International’s People of the Year in 2014.  Her inclusion on the list is due to her advocacy work on behalf of game developers, with GamesIndustry International noting, “under the leadership of Kate Edwards in her second full year as executive director, the IGDA has […]