Kotaku recently interviewed the creator of Paper Beast, a playful exploration game from Éric Chahi, the legendary designer behind Another World and From Dust, coming to PlayStation VR this year. Éric had this to say about creating Paper Beast:

From the beginning, we decided to create a VR game”, Chahi says. “We have this desire to explore a new way of interaction. It has always been a VR game in my mind, from the beginning—even before the concept of the Paper Beast universe was envisioned. We made some visual choices complementing VR. We design creatures that look like origami—very angular. These naturally look great in VR with low-poly designs. They match very well with our physics system and our universe, which is built on the core idea that the world of Paper Beast emerged from the binary soup of Big Data. This is a virgin land where nobody has gone before. In VR, the player explores a fascinating and quirky world—a place with vibrant wildlife, where each species has its own behaviour.

Paper Beast comes to PlayStation VR later this year. For now, check out the full interview on Kotaku here.

Paper Beast 05 Summit