Kotaku Australia showers praise on the iPhone and iPad version of The Gardens Betweenthe adventure puzzle game from The Voxel Agents in which players manipulate time to guide two best friends through a surreal world of mysterious garden islands. Kotaku’s Alex Walker spoke to Simon Joslin, co-founder of The Voxel Agents about how the game is on par visually with the PS4 Pro version:

Joslin, along with The Voxel Agents technical director Matthew Clark, went on to explain that the iPhone was rendering The Gardens Between at the same resolution as the PS4 Pro, with no reduction in effects or performance. “Every single feature we have ticked on here, the full reflections, shadows, fullscreen effects and everything. Everything’s turned on,” Joslin said.


Read Kotaku AU’s article on the iOS version of The Gardens Between, available now on the App Store. For more information, visit The Garden Between’s official website and engage with The Voxel Agents on Facebook and Twitter.