At PAX East 2020, NBC 10 Boston took a look at the growth and inclusion of women in gaming. Noting “we’re here, we’ve been here,” Krystina Arielle Tingner commented during the piece on the importance of being inclusive and seeing other black women in the industry. Robin Hunicke, CEO and Co-Founder of Funomena commented, “I feel that it’s so important for people to see me and to see Krystina and see people that look like them and understand that the world is your oyster.”

“Women in gaming has definitely been a big topic lately, especially in the last few years,” stated Ryan Hartman, Penny Arcade Vice President of Media, Content, and Events. “There are plenty of women in the games industry, in game dev and female streamers that have all done great. A quarter of the industry is female dominated, and that has been a significant uptick to the tune of doubling over the last ten years.”

PAX East 2020 was held Feb. 2 – March 1, 2020 in at the Boston Convention Center in Boston, Mass. For more details on future PAX events, check out the official website or stay up to date on Twitter.