Android Police’s Matthew Sholtz called in a new game release on Android devices. Evolution: Education Edition, the turn-based strategy game of adaptation from North Star Digital Studios, is now available for iPads, Chromebooks, and PC via the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Microsoft Store.

Refined for educators and students alike, Evolution: Education Edition is a premium version of the critically acclaimed board game for digital learning environments:

Evolution : Education Edition is an early access release of the paid version of Evolution Board Game, a digital board game adaptation . . . Evolution : Education Edition is the premium version of the Evolution Board Game for students.

Education Edition introduces a host of convenient changes and educational upgrades to the Evolution experience. In-game traits receive “trait tips” with real-world examples of how the trait would function in nature. Students in the same class can easily switch accounts on the fly. Furthermore, academic institutions receive a discount of up to 50% when ordering 20 or more copies.

To explore ecosystems and evolutionary biology in a fun, accessible game, check out Evolution: Education Edition on the official website and follow North Star Digital Studios on Twitter and Facebook.

Evolution Education Edition screenshot