The Hollywood Reporter’s Trilby Beresford reported PAX, the most-attended events in North America and Australia celebrating all things gaming, will be hosting PAX Online later this summer. This digital event will start on September 12 and will run until September 20, and will feature virtual game booths, competitions, and panels where developers, industry experts, press, and content creators will share their expertise and knowledge on a variety of fascinating topics covering all things gaming.

From The Hollywood Reporter:

There will be three channels worth of streamed content offering digital versions of the panels, concerts and competitions that usually characterize the conference. Esports tournaments will be held throughout the week, the website further teased.

PAX Online will be free and open to the public, and will include chat rooms for attendees to connect online. More information will be offered in the coming weeks.


PAX Online will take place September 12 – 20. For more information, please visit the official website or follow @PAX on Twitter. Read The Hollywood Reporter’s full story here.