Game Informer’s Marcus Stewart gave readers a look at the “Choice and Consequences trailer for Where the Heart Leads, a surreal narrative journey through one man’s past where he will reevaluate a lifetime of important decisions, from renowned developer Armature Studio (ReCoreBatman: Arkham Origins BlackgateDead Star). Where the Heart Leads is coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 via backwards compatibility in Q2 2021.

Each memory plays out as a dreamlike vignette, with important figures in Whit’s life taking on a ghostly appearance that shatter, so to speak, with every choice made. Armature says Where the Heart Leads features hundreds of choices and dozens of endings; all told through a whopping 600,000 word script. The game looks to be shaping up nicely, and it’ll be fascinating to see how different each scenario plays out once it’s out in the wild.

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