Hardcore Gamer’s Chris Shive told the gaming world that the VZR Model One gaming headset is now available for pre-order for $349 and is due to ship out on July 29, 2021.

The newest offering of audiophile grade gaming headsets is the VZR Model One. VZR is a new audio products company founded by Apple’s former lead acoustics engineer, Vic Tiscareno, and veterans of the video game and audio industries. The VZR Model One uses CrossWave technology to reshape audio waves in a manner that is more accurate to how we perceive sounds in the world to recreate a more immersive listening experience with spatial sound, such as hearing where footsteps and shots may be coming from in relation to the player. 

Check out Hardcore Gamer’s full article here. To pre-order a VZR Model One or find more information on the headset, please visit the VZR’s official website, follow @vzraudio on Twitter, and search #VZRModelOne on social media.