GameSkinny recommends Base One with a stellar 8/10 star review, calling it “an enjoyable experience that you can play casually for a few in-game cycles or a few IRL hours.” The space station simulator with hardcore survival and RPG mechanics is brought to us by publisher Blowfish Studios and is available now on Steam, GOG, and the Mac App Store.

As an admitted lover of space-based games, author Justin Michael cruises through his favorite parts of Base One:

Modules have finite room for internals, so your base life support module can only have four upgrades inside of it, meaning that, at most, you can run three E.L.D. and one Battery before you’re out of space. You can research a larger life support module through the tech tree later on, but you must still plan the design of your base with expansion in mind — and expand you must in order to survive. 

Base One is a good survival RPG game set in space. There’s a level of strategy involved when it comes to crew selection, tech research, and building out your station. It feels like some areas could use a bit more attention, particularly the voice acting and audio, but otherwise, the controls and the core game loop feel good.

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