Rock Paper Shotgun‘s Katharine Castle takes on the “challenge” of Mini Motorways’ latest update. With brain-teasing challenge areas added to fan-favorite maps, Challenge City adds a new dimension to the popular minimalist strategy simulation game; making for a great closing note to a successful launch year. Visit Challenge City today on Steam and Apple Arcade.

In this new mode, each city gets a bunch of new rules and conditions you’ll need to abide by, and after playing an early version of it this week, there’s one challenge that’s truly diabolical. Not only does it limit the number of road tiles at your disposal, but it does so in favour of, wait for it, unlimited roundabouts.

I’m eager to try, and perhaps more importantly, see how my (so far) pitiful attempts compare to my fellow Mini Motorists, as each Challenge City mode comes with its own leaderboard just like the regular maps.

Check out Rock Paper Shotgun’s full breakdown here. For more information on Mini Motorways, please visit the game’s official website, follow @dinopoloclub on Twitter, and search #MiniMotorways on social media.