But Why Tho?’s Kate Sánchez reviewed the Up-Switch ORION, a big screen experience for portable gaming from Up-Switch, veterans of Xbox, Nintendo, Intel, and GAEMS, currently available now for Nintendo Switch.

The Up-Switch Orion lets gamers up-size their Nintendo Switch gaming, both for the standard Switch and Switch OLED. The Up-Switch Orion serves as an all-in-one dock plus more. With a Nintendo Switch Integrated HD IPS 11.6-inch monitor, HDMI port, USB-C port, headphone jack, Joy Con slots, and dual stereo speakers the Up-Switch Orion is a unique and honestly practical accessory.


The Up-Switch Orion makes desk-top gaming with my Switch easier than ever and a good experience. This fits how I use my Nintendo Switch extremely well.

Additionally, with such a small profile, I’m ready to rearrange my desk to make it a prominent feature. Not to mention, I can also see it becoming a great travel companion with the added HDMI-port as well, which is perfect for laptops and setting up multiple screens when you’re working from a hotel or airport.

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