Hand of Fate 2, Yonder, and Forts Were All Top New Releases on Steam in 2017

Last year saw the release of a lot of great games, including Defiant Development’s Hand of Fate 2, Prideful Sloth’s Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles, and EarthWork Games’ Forts. All three games were top sellers on Steam in 2017 and we extend our congratulations to the development teams. Hand of Fate 2 is the sequel to the critically-acclaimed action RPG enjoyed by millions […]

YouTuber BaronVonLetsPlay Is Blowing Away His Competition in the Forts Tons of Guns Update

BaronVonLetsPlay has been having an explosively good time on his YouTube channel, destroying foes and getting creative with fort building in the Tons of Guns multiplayer update for Forts by EarthWork Games. From building planes and zeppelins to recreating Star Wars-themed battles, BaronVonLetsPlay is thinking outside the box and taking advantage of new features, like the zero […]

YouTuber Blitz Is Having a Blast with the Tons of Guns Update for Forts

The Tons of Guns multiplayer update for Forts by EarthWork Games is chock-full of explosive new content and YouTuber Blitz has been having a blast finding creative ways to annihilate enemies with his upgraded arsenal. Check out his series of videos showcasing some of the new features, including the EMP Turret and 20mm Cannon. Forts is playable […]

Forts Tons of Guns Update Is so Explosive It Will Literally Level the Playing Field

Forts, the physics-based RTS from EarthWork Games that takes the classic gameplay of Worms and adds base-building and real-time combat, is getting a heap of new content in the free Tons of Guns update, available today! Batten down the hatches because battle is about to get more intense in multiplayer and skirmish modes. New weapons and […]