Kinda Funny Dukes it Out in Brawlhalla

During the latest episode of their multiplayer let’s play series, Party Mode, the Kinda Funny team duked it out in Brawlhalla on PS4. Check out the entire video below to see who wins! Brawlhalla is the epic platform fighter with more than 8 million players and was the most played fighting game on Steam in 2016 and 2017. Brawlhalla […]

Kinda Funny Games Gets Adventurous with Epistory Livestream

Kinda Funny Games’ GDC 2016 livestream coverage included Epistory, the atmospheric adventure game from Fishing Cactus. The stream demonstrated how players can solve puzzles, defeat waves of enemies and explore a magical papercraft world using Epistory’s typing mechanics. To view the archive, please jump to the 2:38:15 timestamp here: