Gamasutra Turns to Devs for Their Take on the Nintendo Switch Market

The Nintendo Switch has been popular with developers, in particular indie devs who have in many cases seen better sales on the console than on Steam or other platforms. In light of this, Gamasutra turned to developers for their take on the Nintendo Switch market. “It was definitely a good move to port and publish Morphite on the Switch,” says Ben […]

TouchArcade Reports Sci-fi Atmospheric FPS Morphite Now Available on Nintendo Switch

TouchArcade reports Morphite, the sci-fi atmospheric FPS with platforming elements from Blowfish Studios, Crescent Moon Games, and We’re Five Games, is now available on the Nintendo Switch. Explore handcrafted planets and the galaxy between while discovering the secret of the nigh-extinct resource known as Morphite. Guide young Myrah Kale through space as she scans aliens both […]