PocketGamer Shares New Apple Arcade Addition Projection: First Light

PocketGamer recently shared the news that Projection: First Light, the illumination manipulation puzzle platformer from developer Shadowplay Studios and publisher Blowfish Studios, is now available on Apple Arcade. PocketGamer’s Cameron Bald gives a brief synopsis of what new Apple Arcade subscribers can expect from Projection: First Light: You play as a young girl called Greta. One day she […]

Paste Magazine Praises Destination Primus Vita’s Story and Puzzles

Paste Magazine’s Shonté Daniels reviewed Destination Primus Vita – Episode 1: Austin, the episodic first-person space puzzler crafted by a team of Ubisoft veterans. Daniels praised how Austin’s role in the episode allows for the personalities of other crew members to come through, and how the episode balances exploring the narrative of Crew 121’s mission to reclaim Earth’s […]

VentureBeat Praises Destination: Primus Vita in Review

In a recent VentureBeat review, Stephanie Chan praised Destination: Primus Vita, the episodic first-person space puzzler from Epsilon Games. Stephanie highlighted the game’s overall design and feel, stating “it looks and sounds terrific as you investigate your environment, solve puzzles, dash through mazes, and navigate short conversations with your colleagues and friends.” Read the full review on VentureBeat and […]

Destructoid Finds Tranquility in Introspective Puzzler Solo

Destructoid’s Peter Glagowski reviewed Solo, the introspective puzzler from Team Gotham set on a gorgeous and surreal archipelago. In addition to enjoying the sights and sounds, Glagowski specifically focused on how Solo asks the player to be honest about their own real-life relationships: I did learn a bit about myself, though. As I’ve known for quite some time […]