Rodeo Stampede Charges Through 80 Million Downloads 13 Months After Launch reports that Rodeo Stampede – Sky Zoo Safari from Yodo1 and Featherweight Games has surpassed 80 million downloads worldwide in the 13 months since its launch. With one million DAUs, Featherweight will continue to support the game and its passionate fanbase with future updates and new content. The anniversary update from last month granted players […]

About Tech Describes Mobile Game Rodeo Stampede as ‘Pocket Safari Mayhem’

About Tech’s iOS games expert, Jim Squires, delivered his review of Rodeo Stampede, an endless rodeo adventure now available on Google Play and the App Store. In Rodeo Stampede, players acquire and ‘tame’ many creatures as they travel through different exotic locations, while also upgrading and expanding their own personal Sky Zoo. To read the […]