Alienware, We Are Fuzzy, And More Team Up to Bring Sleep Tight to Life

At E3 2018, Alienware, SocialTron Live, and E-Coliseum teamed up to bring Sleep Tight, the adrenaline-pumping twin-stick shooter with pillow-fort building elements from the Ubisoft, Disney, and Hollywood veterans We Are Fuzzy, to life. Hosted by Twitch Announcers Darwyn Metger and Chester See, Sleep Tight IRL attracted crowds of top streaming personalities like James Paley (@JamePaley), Keith […]

Gamer Escape Dubs Sleep Tight “Ingenious” at E3

At E3 last month, Gamer Escape’s “Gahoo” got some hands-on time with Sleep Tight, the upcoming twin-stick shooter with base building elements by studio We Are Fuzzy. “With all of the options and the ability to retain and build out your room from night to night, the strategic nature of the game soon becomes evident. […]

Destructoid Reports Sleep Tight Launches July 26 on Nintendo Switch

Destructoid’s CJ Andriessen reported last month that studio We Are Fuzzy’s upcoming debut title Sleep Tight appears to have undergone changes, noting “it’s looking a hell of a lot better,” since he last previewed it. The animation is smoother, the monsters more lively, and there are now 12 playable characters to unlock, something that wasn’t […]

PC Gamer Discusses Sleep Tight’s Latest Trailer

PC Gamer’s Austin Wood reported last week on the latest trailer for Sleep Tight, the upcoming twin-stick, pillow fort defense title from indie studio We Are Fuzzy. It’s kind of like Monsters Inc. meets Killing Floor… Austin’s comparison is no surprise as the studio is comprised of a veteran team of AAA game and big-budget […]

Shacknews Previews Pixar-esque Twin Stick Shooter, Sleep Tight, at PAX South 2018

If you haven’t heard the word about We Are Fuzzy’s upcoming project Sleep Tight, a Pixar-esque top-down twin stick shooter, you can now read about Shacknews’ hands-on preview at PAX South 2018. Due to release in 2018 on PC and Nintendo Switch, Sleep Tight‘s development team boasts a Hollywood VFX pedigree. You may not yet know We […]

Destructoid: “Sleep Tight Might Be the Next Indie Darling on Switch”

Destructoid’s CJ Andriessen had a chance to sit down with We Are Fuzzy and play their twin-stick shooter with tower defense elements, Sleep Tight, and he sounds excited to get his hands on the full game early next year. [Sleep Tight] is being developed by We Are Fuzzy, a new development team made up of video game, television […]

PC Gamer Looks Forward to Vanquishing Childhood Fears in We Are Fuzzy’s Sleep Tight

Austin Wood of PC Gamer found himself recalling childhood fears when he saw Sleep Tight, We Are Fuzzy’s twin-stick shooter with tower defense elements about children fighting off the literal monsters hiding under their beds. As a kid, I made a habit of jumping into my bed from as far away as possible, lest the […]