Appuals’ Farhan Ali shared last month the upcoming release date for the adrenaline-inducing, arcade-style twin-stick shooter with base-building elements Sleep Tight. The game by We Are Fuzzy will sneak its way onto Nintendo Switch and PC July 26th. Farhan highlights the replay value of Sleep Tight in his article:

Sleep Tight features a lot of replay value due to its endless waves of monsters. We Are Fuzzy says, “The game gets progressively harder, and what starts as a few monsters, quickly turns into swarms. Building a giant fort with turrets, or unlocking strong powerups becomes crucial to surviving, as well as choosing the right gun, to deal the most damage, but manage your ammo use.”

Take on the dark corners of your house on Nintendo Switch and PC this July. For more information, you can read Farhan’s article here or check out Sleep Tight’s website.