After this week’s classification of “gaming disorder” as a mental health condition from the World Health Organization (WHO), VentureBeat’s Stephanie Chan explored how independent developer EightyEight Games is using Neuromotion Labs’ Mightier platform to help kids learn how to stay calm and prevent frustration through their game, You Must Build a Boat.

In her article, Stephanie explains the that the Mightier program was developed through a partnership between the Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard University’s medical school. Mightier is home to several games including You Must Build a Boat and Race the Sun, titles that are all dedicated to doing good through gaming.

Stephanie goes on to quote Mightier cofounder Trevor Sticker, highlighting how You Must Build a Boat is a perfect fit for their platform.

“[You Must Build a Boat] has the perfect combination of simple mechanics that kids can keep up with under pressure and depth of gameplay to keep them engaged long enough to become empowered with the skills they need to cope with daily life,” said Mightier’s cofounder and vice president of technology Trevor Sticker.

You Must Build a Boat is available on Steam for $4.99, and iOS and Android for $2.99.