Bleeding Cool’s Gavin Sheehan did some hands-on preview time with UNTIES‘ and Noname Studios’ upcoming balloon fighting game BATTLLOON. Enter into four-player head-to-head battle with colorful balloon creatures and avoid the deadly spikes. Gavin wrote about some of the gameplay and fun he had with his hands-on experience:

You can rocket yourself across the screen into your opponents and send them crashing into the walls, but as you break pieces of the walls apart, you’ll see spikes underneath that will cause your balloon to pop. At the end of the round you’re awarded points according to how you placed, all while trying to reach a certain goal after a number of rounds have passed. This is just dumb fun and we loved every minute of it.

BATTLLOON is releasing this winter on Nintendo Switch. For more information, check out the full article on Bleeding Cool’s website and the BATTLLOON website.