Touch Arcade’s Mikhail Madnani called Blowfish Studios’ Stormboy, the adaptation of Colin Thiele’s classic 1964 Australian novel exploring the friendship between a child and his pet pelican, “gorgeous” in his coverage of its Nov. 20 launch date on iOS and Android. Stormboy: The Game will also launch on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC and Mac via Steam on the same date.

Mikhail goes on to praise Stormboy for its art style and explains both gameplay and story focus during key moments.

Storm Boy: The Game looks pretty gorgeous going by screenshots and the trailer. I’m a big fan of the art style. The game will feature various mini games ranging from pelican feeding to cockle hunting and more. When it comes to the main story, you will be able to control both Storm Boy and Mr. Percival (the pelican best friend) in key moments.