PC World AU’s Fergus Halliday featured Hyper Jam and Route 59 Games‘ Necrobarista as two of the most exciting indie titles at PAX Aus 2018.

Calling Hyper Jam “a neon-lit futuristic arena brawler that’s retro in vibe but modern in feel,” PC World even added it to their list of games they hope will come to the Nintendo Switch.

Necrobarista didn’t stay behind, with Halliday championing its “great premise” and “unique ‘keyword’ system that promises to let you lean into the parts of the story that most intrigue you.”

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Check out the full article at PC World AU’s website. To learn more, visit Hyper Jam’s official website, follow the game on Twitter at @HyperJamGame and like its official Facebook page. For Necrobarista, check out Route 59 Games’ official website and follow them on Twitter at @Route59Games.