Geekwire’s Tim Ellis reported on Penny Arcade‘s new partnership with Wizards of the Coast to publish the official Acquisitions Incorporated Dungeon Manual and interviewed Penny Arcade’s Jerry Holkins and producer Elyssa Grant.

In his article, Ellis explains the origins of Acquisitions Incorporated and how the 11-year-old podcast evolved into a successful, popular show before moving on to his interview.  After a series of insightful questions, Ellis asks Holkins one in particular that gives their partnership and exciting and hopeful future.

Is this likely to lead to additional follow-ups down the road?

Holkins: If it does okay, I hope they ask us back! There are a few things hinted at in this book faction-wise that, well… hm. How much to say. Recall that it began life as a Kickstarter – of course, you have to plan for things to go well in those, and if they do you want to have more stuff ready to go. So I already know exactly what the second book could be because we already have an outline and the guts of the book complete. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.