PlayStation LifeStyle blasted out the news that Hyper Jam, the neon-soaked arena brawler from Bit Dragon, releases on Feb. 12. Author Janet Garcia picked up her sledgehammer and slammed down the details on what this explosive, synthwave-fueled experience offers:

Jump into any battle with 2-4 players. Don’t worry about the platform your friends have, as online cross-play will be supported. Experiment in between matches by combining and stacking perks to create a unique setup for your character. Fight to the death exactly how you want, with whoever you want, in these 80s inspired arenas. Each one features over the top character designs.

Hyper Jam Screenshot

Read PlayStation LifeStyle’s full article here. For more information on Hyper Jamvisit Hyper Jam’s websitefollow the game on TwitterInstagram, and like it on Facebook.