Dualshocker’s Tomas Franzese reports tickets and merchandise are now on sale for PAX West 2019, the annual celebration of all things games and gaming culture at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, WA. Taking place August 30 – September 2, 2019, this year’s show can be enjoyed with a four-day pass or single-day badges. Add-on merchandise can be purchased with all badge types, and Franzese shares details:

Each year, ReedPOP and Penny Arcade hold a variety of PAX events around the world were developers indie and AAA alike can show off their games to both regular attendees and press. [On May 30], PAX West 2019 finally went on sale as the show’s official dates were set in stone . . . In addition to the tickets, new PAX West merch has also gone on sale. Players can get $15 zipper bags, $25 scarfs, and an office stationary set featuring a stapler, pen cup, tray, tape dispenser, and three pens for $55. Part of the fun of PAX is the interesting merchandise, and the show seems to be dedicated to that from the start this year.

Tens of thousands will attend PAX West this year, where they’ll find a welcoming space for diverse gamers of every discipline to enjoy games and the surrounding culture. For more information on PAX West and other Penny Arcade expos, check out the official website, Twitter, and Facebook.

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