PC Gamer saved the city from fires, crime and natural disasters in their preview of Rescue HQ – The Tycoon, the emergency services management tycoon developed by stillalive studios and published by the sim specialists at Aerosoft. Christopher Livingston highlighted how players work to respond to emergency calls: 

When an emergency arrives, you click on the notification and then put together your response team. Each emergency will specify the requirements: say, eight firefighters, a certain type of firetruck, maybe some equipment like air tanks or breaching gear. If you meet the requirements you can detail those resources and send your crew out knowing you’ve got a 100% success rate. If you don’t meet the requirements, like maybe you’ve only got trainees available at the time or you haven’t acquired the correct gear yet, your chances of success are lower, which means you won’t make gains with your reputation, and it’ll take longer to improve your departments.


Rescue HQ – The Tycoon is available now on Steam for $29.99. For more information, check out the Steam page and read the full preview from PC Gamer.