PlayStation LifeStyle’s Annette Polis fell in love with Gravity Ghost: Deluxe Edition, the beloved planetary platformer, in her recent review. Available now on PlayStation 4, Annette summarizes her reasoning on why she loves Gravity Ghost: Deluxe Edition:

So why do I love this game so damn much? The puzzle difficulties are perfectly varied, giving you a challenge when you need it, then letting you come back down to something more chill and fun to navigate. I’ve never felt overwhelmed by a level, not even the ball-maze ones, and I am the worst at those in real life! Vibrant colors in Iona’s costume and the animal spirits brings me back to days spent visiting with First Nations members in my community.

Gravity Ghost: Deluxe Edition is available now for PlayStation 4 for $9.99. For more information, please visit the official website and check out Annette’s full review here.