Paste Magazine’s Holly Green had a lot of kind things to say about indie games at PAX West 2019, but Ysbryd GamesWorld of Horror ended up on her “Best Games of PAX West 2019” list.

Green had this to say about her experience with the 8-bit horror demo:

This game is so unbelievably sick it almost defies description. A lot of the appeal of World of Horror is in its vintage trappings: the old school PC graphics, the dated user interface, the labored combat sequences, and aging inventory conventions. As far as the horror bits go, it superbly showcases a collection of stories that are classic in their sensibilities but contemporary in their ability to scare the pants off you. It is continually refreshing to play this game and realize that there’s still something in this world that can frighten me; World of Horror is unafraid to indulge its occultic flourishes while following a familiar narrative format. While the demos I’ve played so far conflict in terms of establishing the core of its gameplay (this one didn’t feature the summoning circle for example), I can’t wait to see the bigger picture once the full game releases.

For more information about World of Horror, you can follow @panstasz on Twitter, as well as visit Ysbryd Games on Facebook, Twitter, and their official website.