Nintendo Life’s Ryan Craddock relayed the call to take up arms against Martian tyranny in Jamestown+, the top-down retro shooter from Final Form Games. Not to be distracted by the out-there premise of guiding a rocket-powered knight on a crusade against the corrupt ruler of a British martian colony, Craddock outlined the news of the definitive edition:

The game will arrive with new updates and improvements – which will incidentally be added to the already-existing PS4 version when the Switch edition becomes available – and, as the co-founder of Final Form Games puts it, will give all players “the chance to experience Jamestown the way we originally intended”.

Players use just three buttons – Fire for basic attacks, Special for powerful weapons, and Vaunt for a bullet-eating, score-amplifying shield – and will need to learn how to take advantage of that shield to gain points for your team. You see, this is a four-player game, where you and your teammates will coordinate attacks by choosing from eight ships with different weapons.

Jamestown Screenshot

For more information, please visit the official Jamestown+ website, Facebook and Twitter.