Polygon’s Jenna Stoeber faced dozens of frightful encounters in WORLD OF HORROR, the unsettling cosmic horror RPG from panstasz and Ysbryd Games. The anxiety-inducing encounters and macabre monsters evoked classic choose-your-own-adventure stories and compelled her to chase the terrors:

From creepy kitchens and classrooms to eerie people asking for help, these encounters come with options on how to respond. And for the life of me, I couldn’t resist choosing the worst choice possible. . . . In my last encounter before dying at the hands of a mask-wearing maniac, I found myself in a kitchen with three options: search for a health kit, search for a weapon, or check the foul-smelling pot of liquid bubbling on the stove. As you might predict, I chose the worst possible option, and was rewarded with a face full of noxious steam from a grotesque stew. Although I lost yet more stamina, I gained an experience that was terrifyingly and uniquely World of Horror.

WORLD OF HORROR is now haunting Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Pass for PC. 10 mysteries, 5 playable characters, and dozens of random encounters with horrors inspired by Junji Ito and the Cthulu Mythos await.

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world of horror screenshot