People’s Sean Neumann stopped the presses for news of Super Bernie World, an electoral activism platformer rendered in classic NES style with nostalgic chiptunes from Gamedevs for Bernie and publisher Kitsune GamesSuper Bernie World, now available via Steam and for PC, casts players as a Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders (D) in a platforming adventure designed to help get out the vote:

Super Bernie World lets players take on the role of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders — rather than the famed (and mustachioed) Italian plumber — as the presidential candidate travels through familiar Mario worlds and fights off Republican “bad guys” on his way to meeting the final boss: President Donald Trump. . . . During the game, the digitized Sanders character collects votes instead of coins and travels through 11 Republican-controlled states where he eventually battles GOP lawmakers like Sens. Ted Cruz and Mitch McConnell in castles at the end of each level.

Super Bernie World’s 11 worlds of MAGAmba-stomping action are now available for free via and Steam for PC. For more information on Super Bernie World and other evocative indie games, check out Kitsune Games on Twitter and their official website.

super bernie world screenshot