Hardcore Gamer previewed 30XX, the sequel to developer Batterystaple Games’ 20XX, the co-op roguelike platformer enjoyed by more than 200,000 players, and says it “shows great promise.” Author Jeremy Peeples talks about how the sequel sets itself apart from its predecessor in more than just its new hi-bit art style:

Enemy variety has been improved as well, with fewer instances even at this early stage of having the exact same enemy in the same area over and over. Platforming challenges are improved, relying more on the dash mechanic and revamping the disappearing block puzzles to be more of a sliding translucent walkway.

30xx_new_1 (1)

Read Hardcore Gamer’s preview, and for more information on 30XX, please visit the game’s Steam Coming Soon page and the official Batterystaple Games website, join the 20XX series Discord community and follow the studio on TwitterYouTube, and Facebook.