PC Invasion’s Andrew Farrell had a honkin’ good time playing Mighty Goose, the over the top, run-and-gun, titled goose game, developed by Blastmode and published by PLAYISM, in his 8/10 review. 

Mighty Goose is a throwback to games like Contra and Metal Slug. It isn’t nearly as difficult as either of those, but it successfully captures the feel and balls-to-the-wall action that they had in spades. It’s not especially lengthy and doesn’t do anything to try and move the genre forward, but it’s an enjoyable action game in its own right.


As you progress through the levels, you’ll find new abilities. These operate on cooldowns and can be used for secondary weapon attacks, summons, or general support. There’s one that lets you throw explosives, another that calls forth characters to help, and one that just straight-up fills your super gauge. The goose can also be joined by a helper character. These have different abilities. The first is regular duck, and he doesn’t do shit. But others can drop ammo, while some are more for extra DPS. A couple of them are hidden, too.

Mighty Goose is a damn good game that neatly scratches the run-and-gun itch, all while keeping things moving with strong level design, zany action, and tight gameplay. If that’s up your alley, I’d recommend trying it out.

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