Shacknews’s Josh Broadwell storms the beaches in his review of Men of War II, the next entry in the acclaimed real-time strategy franchise Men of War from Fulqrum Publishing and Ukrainian developer Best Way, available now on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store

“Men of War 2’s single-player side is impressive and expansive, and even though its five story campaigns are the star of the proverbial show, there’s a lot more going on here. RTS games don’t need strong stories, or even stories at all outside your mission briefs, but Best Way decided to try something different.”

“Men of War 2 is a fresh and ambitious take on a genre that’s usually comfortable staying the same. I wish I had more time to sink into its massive multiplayer matches, but even when I don’t, I’m still pleased with how strong the single-player experience is.”

Read Josh Broadwell’s full review here. Men of War II is available now on Steam and Epic Games Store. For more information on Men of War II, visit Fulqrum Publishing’s Website, and follow Fulqrum on Twitter/X.