Prima Games Names The Gardens Between its Game of the Week

Prima Games bestowed its Game of the Week award upon The Gardens Between, The Voxel Agents‘ puzzle adventure game about manipulating time to guide two best friends through a surreal world of mysterious garden islands. Larryn Bell was effusive in her praise of the art style and experience of the title: The Gardens Between is a […]

Unwinnable’s E-soterica Spotlights Heartwarming Adventure My Brother Rabbit

Unwinnable’s Alyse Stanley shared her experience with the surreal and serious heartwarming adventure game My Brother Rabbit from Artifex Mundi. Alyse highlights how the artwork and puzzle design show the child-like influence: The random combinations of the backgrounds seem pulled straight from a child’s brain, content as nonsensical as a dream but cohesive in everything’s shared bizarreness. […]

Game Informer Announces Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption Launch in October

Game Informer‘s Imran Kahn reported that Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption, from indie developers Darkstar and AnotherIndie, releases on October 18, 2018 via Discord‘s First on Discord Program. A brutal, dark action game, Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption requires your character to abandon certain powers when fighting each boss, making each battle a desperate ploy as you give […]

NintendoLife Highlights the Release of Heartwarming Adventure My Brother Rabbit

NintendoLife recently posted news about the release of Artifex Mundi‘s newest heartwarming adventure My Brother Rabbit. Explore an imaginative world dreamt up by a loving brother and his recently sick little sister inhabited by a friendly rabbit. Help the rabbit along his journey to make his friend flower recover from a recent illness by collecting useable […]

The Guardian raves about “miniature meditative masterwork” The Gardens Between

The Guadian‘s Oliver Holmes gushed about The Voxel Agents new release The Gardens Between, the adventure puzzle game in which players manipulate time to guide two best friends through a surreal world of mysterious garden islands. Calling it a “miniature meditative masterwork,” Oliver said the game is an “essential” for the “chill out” games genre and praised […]

Paste Magazine Praises Destination Primus Vita’s Story and Puzzles

Paste Magazine’s Shonté Daniels reviewed Destination Primus Vita – Episode 1: Austin, the episodic first-person space puzzler crafted by a team of Ubisoft veterans. Daniels praised how Austin’s role in the episode allows for the personalities of other crew members to come through, and how the episode balances exploring the narrative of Crew 121’s mission to reclaim Earth’s […]

Variety Shares Insight Into UNTIES’ The Good Life and Crowdfunding for Indie Developers

Variety’s Mike Futter previewed UNTIES‘ The Good Life during PAX West 2018 and interviewed the mind behind it, Japanese developer Hidetaka “SWERY” Suehiro from White Owls Inc. During the talk, SWERY shared great insight into how the game came about and the lessons he learned while trying to crowdfund it as an indie developer. In the interview, Futter had […]

Nintendo Life Covers My Brother Rabbit Debut

Nintendo Life’s Ryan Craddock wrote about Artifex Mundi‘s My Brother Rabbit, the heartwarming adventure game comes to Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Steam Q3 2018. Ryan highlights the story’s setting and underlying reality here: As it happens, this world truly is make-believe, as the story’s innocent children conjure up an increasingly curious land in what […]

Engadget Reports ToeJam & Earl Sequel Coming to PC, Consoles This Fall

Last week, Engadget’s David Lumb reported that the long-awaited ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove will finally arrive on PC and consoles this fall. Greg Johnson, founder of HumaNature Studios, announced that they will now be self-publishing this crowdfunded installment of the funkadelic action roguelike. …We are going back to self-publishing! Adult Swim Games has […]

Twinfinite Looks Forward to The Forgotten City

Twinfinite’s Aaron Greenbaum reported on the reveal of Modern Storyteller’s The Forgotten City during the PC Gaming Show at E3, this week. “It does my heart good to see an old mod given new life as its own game.” The Forgotten City is a near complete redesign of the award-winning mod enjoyed by more than […]