Pure Nintendo’s Roger Reichardt leaves a rhythmic review of Kokoro Clover Season 1, the 2D platformer inspired by Japanese Sunday morning cartoons from developer Hikoteru and publisher Phoenixx. Kokoro Clover Season 1 is available now on PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch as well.

“The charming anime-inspired platformer is perfect for those more interested in a story-based game or for those with younger kids who are just getting into the platforming genre.”

“The storytelling is the best feature of the game, and the presentation is unique, making it unlike anything else I’ve played before.”

You can read Pure Nintendo’s full review here. For more information on Kokoro Clover Season 1, and what Phoenixx has planned next, make sure to follow the development team and publisher‘s respective Twitter accounts, and check out #KokoroCloverSeason1 on social media.