Kotaku’s Mike Fahey Names Hand of Fate 2 in Top 10 Games of 2017

Hand of Fate 2, the acclaimed deckbuilding action role-playing game from Brisbane-based indie developer Defiant Development, was recently named among Kotaku Senior Reporter Mike Fahey‘s Top 10 Games of 2017. “The world’s best dungeon master returns for another round of card-based role-playing adventure.” -Mike Fahey, Senior Reporter, Kotaku You can read more of Fahey’s Top […]

Epistory’s Atmospheric Adventure Unfolds Onto Kotaku

Epistory is an atmospheric adventure where players guide a girl and her tri-tailed young fox through a origami world, unfolding new areas and the game’s narrative as the journey progresses. Kotaku’s Mike Fahey braved Epistory’s molten dungeon and S-H-A-R-E-D his impressions with a writeup and gameplay clip, complete with voiceover. To read the full article, […]